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the-decalcomanieThe Decalcomanie produces rubber labels and stickers since 1964. We are the first Italian company in this field; our policy consist in a mixture of flexible production, a 50 years experience, dynamism and a perfect use of synergies.

The best quality and the best service have always been our target, as a matter of fact we have reached a high position on the market.

Nowadays we have enlarged our production to digital printing and offset.

Our aim is to satisfy our customers thanks to our quality, our service and our low prices. We give a meticulous attention to all the production, from the choice of materials to the choice of colours.

Our staff is to the complete disposition of our customers for the design and creation of their trade and advertising brand.




In 2014, The Decalcomanie & C. snc celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

We are pleased and proud of our achievement!


50th anniversary



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