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By Car Wrapping only make your car by changing the color of the bodywork personalizing it with the application of special films. So you can get the effects you want exclusive making your car in no time!

You can choose from a wide range of metallic colors, matt or satin, carbon fiber, camouflage, or customized drawings and graphic designs.

The applied film completely covers scratches and abrasions, not in any way ruin the body and can decide at any time to return to the original color.



The films we use for car wrapping are of different types:

  • smooth glossy film

  • smooth matte film

  • metallized film

  • film with patterns in relief

  • film effect leather, wood, marble or carbon

  • film with camouflage effect

In any case the choice of the colors of the films is really very wide.

The car wrapping can also be done in the car, for example sulcruscotto and on the handles.



At our office, by appointment, experienced technicians are able to give a new look to the bodywork of your car.

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