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Rubber labels

Rubber labels

Manufacturers of rubber, hoses, belts, new and retreaded tires, shoes, bicycle and motorcycle tires, diving equipment and more, are at the TheDecalcomanie the most suitable solution to the marking of their products.
All our production of decalcogomme can be made in any shape and size, without limits of colors and designs, and can be applied according to the need of any elastomer during the vulcanization process.


Printing a barcode on the rubber to identify various types of tires.

Qr Code

Digital printing of QR Code to identify every kind of rubber articles.

Sequential numbering

With the aid of the bar code, the sequential numbering is used for the unique identification of the tires.

Supply for Continental Reifen Deutschland

In a video produced by Red Bull where Danny MacAskill and some friends visited the factory Continental Reifen in Korbach, Germany, the minute 2:05 you can see the application of our decalcogomme.

Credits: "Danny MacAskill & Friends Visit The Continental 2-Wheel Factory"  Red Bull


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