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in detail

A good sign is the best way to give visibility to a store or a company: the logo and the activity they are exalted.

The use of many different materials and techniques allows you to offer the right product at the best price for all types of customers, from small to large craft store shed, from franchising the farm, from the shop to the multinational.

The service offered is complete:

  • detection measures
  • design and engineering
  • realization
  • installation
  • processing of paperwork.


The Decalcomanie manufactures the following products:

  • insignia cassette bright,
  • signs to channel letters,
  • vintage and retro signs,
  • wire neon signs,
  • Signs bright,
  • Signs with pre-cut letters with spacers,
  • totem advertising
  • light and non- LED light displays.

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