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Interior Scenography

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Your home, your shop, your business as you have always dreamed of? With digital printing applied to the field of interior design is possible.

Printing techniques of last generation used by TheDecalcomanie allow to realize:

  • wall Stickers

  • wallpaper

  • printing on fabric

  • window dressing

By choosing digital printing you can personalize a room quickly, choosing your favorite graphics and a competitive price.



Easy to apply, give the rooms a new image of the famous phrases to stylized images and much more.



The wallpaper with custom graphics has now become a reality ... But not only that you can choose from many types of wallpaper different in texture and material:

  • damask

  • metallic

  • skin effect, lime, etc ...

All have an excellent color rendering. Apply with a normal adhesive for wallpaper.

Great for the home, but also as a room or furniture for the office, for a showroom. An object symbol furnishing of the 70 custom back in vogue!
The image is supplied in strips of a width of 120 cm.


In interior decoration the only limit is the imagination.
We have therefore selected a number of tissues characterized by great versatility, which allows their use in various contexts. From custom draperies, the lowering of times etc ...



Decoration on glass adhesive film printed with short, medium or long-lasting, satin or microperforated with endless customization possibilities.

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