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Services for fairs and events

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Design stands for congresses and fairs, advertising, medical conferences and universities, fashion shows, showrooms, exhibitions and any other space both inside and outside, where there is a need to set up with appropriate structures and graphic decorations. We will deal first of all to assess the possibility of setting up of the location also based on the project designed by the organizer. We have available a high range of elements and materials for each type of solution.

  • Signs and signage.
    Put all the signs and the signs useful for orientation within the location to the rooms, the toilet, the signs towards the pavilions and booths.
  • Backdrop of the plenary hall.
    With the installation of the panels suitable for mounting monitors, we build the set inside the auditorium.
  • Billboards.
    Available to the entire signage and printing.
  • Backdrop Interviews.
    For the preparation of the press room, we can make the backdrop, the panel as a backdrop during the interviews.
  • Stand.
    Stand fitting, usually present in the meeting area.

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