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The realization of a project always requires extreme precision, accuracy and maximum detail definition.

Digital printing is the answer of the paper document to the challenge of the new communication systems. It is fast, high quality , flexible and cost on short runs , eliminating the cost of printing plants and starts the machine.

Print out only the amount you need, changing it whenever you want , even every single copy.

Make a good impression already in short runs with professional advertising materials - without investing much.
We meet every requirement: whether on paper for posters, backlit film , indoor paper or glossy photo paper.

Our basic packages in all common formats. Ideal for small events or circular internal business. Run from 10 to 500 units

The multi-page flyer to open and browse - more space for advertisements. We create brochures, also known as folding or folder , and all volumes in all variations imaginable. Is simple with center fold, with accordion fold or wallet, or parallel window - we will find the right model.

We produce glued bindings paperback short run. Available in several runs, up to max. 100 copies. Ideal for catalogs and price lists, booklets remember for the wedding, high school yearbooks, annual and final reports , brochures and illustrated collages. Powerful for private events, fairs and exhibitions that take place in small rooms.

Paper autocopianteIdeale for modules such as eg. invoices, delivery notes or receipts. Do not write but write multiple copies!

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